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ViacomCBS is one of the world's leading producers of premium entertainment content that connects billions of people in nearly every country in the world.

An employee talked about the work environment inside the company" Viacom was not at all happy to work there, very stressful environment. Not expected the feedback I got after so much effort put in, plus was not happy with the way things were handled in house. "


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Briggette Harrington says

"I signed up for 7 days service and agreed to have this amount deducted from my credit card. At the end of the 7 days, which I was not satisfied, I noticed a charge for $39.96 on my credit card. I figured it was a mistake since I signed up for 7 days only, so I contacted the company and was told that it is in the fine print and I should have read it. The email stated that they were willing to give me a credit with their company for the amount. If I am not satisfied with your service, why would I want a credit. I feel as though this was a way to get my credit card number so that they could charge me for what was not initially ordered. So disappointed. Buyer beware."

Nick says

"I have not had a very positive experience with this service. I signed up for the weekly rate for "Premium Membership" about a week ago and really have not seen nor experienced much added value from this service. I have not received any job alerts based on my profile (like most other job boards-most of which are free) and no responses from the multitude of applications I submitted. So when I went into the site to downgrade today (8 days later) I am shocked to find out that they renewed me for another month, rather than just for another week like I was lead to believe. This is VERY MISLEADING, so please beware. There is no phone support, which is a bit concerning to begin with. So the only way to try to resolve this problem is through a generic support email address. I am not optimistic and may have to file a dispute through my credit card. Proceed with caution!!!!!!! I did receive a response the same day following my initial review above. They indicated that they would provide a courtesy refund based on the misunderstanding of their policy. I have since verified that the refund was posted back into my account."

Dan says

"I ordered the resume writing service about 3 months ago now, and the experience was a little disappointing. It was not a cheap service to pay for, and the level of service I got was extremely poor. After a brief chat with the writer I asked to have it before a certain time and date. That date came and went, it was only upon me prompting that the writer apologised and sent the document. She asked me to review and she will make any changes. I sent it back within a day. Two months later and realising I didn't have a response, I sent a follow up email. Now it's been three months and all I have is a draft version of my resume with nothing uploaded to the system for me to get other templates. Overall I'd say value for money is poor, customer service poor, however I do think the platform is quite good. Hopefully others won't have the same issues."

Deb says

"I'm sure that this is a decent place to post jobs, but I could not find anyone here. I got many unqualified applicants and the good ones never showed up for interviews -- maybe because they had already accepted jobs?"

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